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10th-Dec-2012 06:17 pm - Who's watching me?

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Sorry people but I decided to make my Journal 99 % Friends Only!
Only my Icon Entries will be public. 

This is Me: Isabell

Location: Germany (Baden-Württemberg)
Age: Ninteen years old [16/07/90]
Job: Student at a privat school for Communication
Language: You can talk to me in english and german
Silbings: One sister (I have a niece and a nephew)
Hobbies: hanging out with friends, music, concerts,
photography, travelling, web design, html, photoshop
Favorite Music: Rock, Pop, Screamo, House, Hardcore
Metal, Accoustic, Brit-Pop, Alternative, Post-Hardcore
Favorite Books: Twilight Saga, Candy, P.S. I love You.
Favorite Movies: Shelter, The Holiday, Harry Potter, Lord
of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbeans, Spiderman, All
Heath Ledger Movies, Sweeney Todd and many many more.
Favorite Tv Show: Smallville, Supernatual, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl
Favorite City: Berlin <3 I want move there sometime!
Favorite Website: MySpace and Livejournal :] 
Other Fandoms: Formula 1 [Kimi Raikkonen],
DTM [Bruno Spengler], Heath Leger, SPN <3



20th-Mar-2010 06:17 pm - F1 Icons and Headers!

2 x Nico Rosberg [+ 1 Animation]
6 x Heikki Kovalainen


1 x Fernando Alonso
1 x Jenson Button
1 x Heikki Kovalainen (2 different Versions)
3 x Nico Rosberg
1 x Bruno Spenger (not F1 but whatever)


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Credit if you use!
Do not claim as yours! 
Don't edit it in any way and they are no bases!
Comments are loved <3

22nd-Nov-2009 10:53 pm - Fanart Graphic Entry

After a while it's time for another fanart graphic post :)

Bruno Spengler [+ 1 Animation], Gary Paffett, Timo Scheider, Maro Engel

Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Jamie A., Mark Webber,

Chester Bennington, Green Day, Billy Talent

Stock Icons

Chester Bennington, Billie Joe Armstrong, Bruno Spengler, Depeche Mode, Mark Webber & Sebastian Vettel


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1st-Nov-2009 04:28 pm - Favourite Driver Picture Meme
Fandom Time... =D Just skip it when you don't like it :P

I loved the idea fromblue_hobbitto post 10 Pictures of a favourite driver at everythingf1. I was not allowed to post pictures of my favourite driver because he is not racing in F1 =D So I want to post it here at my journal :) His name is Bruno Spengler (maybe some of you know him), he is a DTM driver and he is absolutely my favourite <3


Bruno Spengler Picture Meme :)Collapse )


4th-Oct-2009 11:29 pm - Fandom: Icons!
Long time no Icon Entry. I made many new stuff during the time. Hope you like it =)

[01 - 01] Adam Young [Owl City]
[02 - 03] Chester Bennington [Linkin Park]
[04 - 06] Chris from There For Tomorrow
[07 - 11] Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki
[12 - 30] Supernatural: Sam Winchester
[31 - 35] Supernatural: Dean Winchester
[36 - 40] Several F1 Drivers [Sutil, Räikkönen, Hamilton, Alguersuari]
[41 - 43] Fernando Alonso
[44 - 46] Nico Rosberg
[47 - 49] Heikki Kovalainen
[50 - 51] Jenson Button
[52 - 57] Sebastian Vettel
[58 - 64] Several DTM Drivers (Engel, di Resta, Tomczyk, Scheider, Ekström)
[65 - 77] Bruno Spengler + 1 Singantur
[78 - 83] Gossip Girl [Derena]
[84 - 103] Stock Icons
1 Audrey Kitching Graphic

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31st-Jul-2009 10:36 pm - Icon Post :)
My First Icon Post Ever!

[01-02] Heath Ledger
[03-04] Katherine Heigl
[05-06] Green Day
[07-14] Bruno Spengler
[15-19] Various DTM Drivers
[20-31] Various F1 Drivers
[32-35] Random Boys & Girls


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